Former PM Bennett: ‘What Would America Do if Attacked by Iran?’


Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett indicated that Iran should be punished for its unprecedented missile attack against Israel on Saturday.“What would America do if 330 missiles and drones were shot towards American cities?” Bennett asked rhetorically during a Fox News interview on Sunday. While describing Iran as the “head of an octopus with tentacles of terror,” he emphasized the need for a “clever and decisive” military response from Israel.Bennett pursued a hawkish policy towards Iran during his brief tenure as prime minister.In 2023 op-ed to the Wall Street Journal titled “The US and Israel need to take Iran on directly,” Bennett revealed that he directed two attacks on the Islamic Republic during his time in office.According to Bennett, the came in February 2022 when he authorized an attack against a UAV base in northern Iran as a response to two failed drone attacks launched at Israel by the regime. The second time came in March 2022 when he signed off on a strike that killed a senior Iranian commander after an Iranian attempt to kill Israeli tourists in Turkey.

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