Neturei Karta Visit Jailed Arab Teen’s Family

Neturei Karta meets with the Tamimi family in Ramallah. (Chaim Goldberg)

The Tamimi family, a family that has turned provocation of IDF soldiers into a a career, in order to defame and slander the State of Israel all over the world, received a special visit from extremists of Neturei Karta, a group who poses as “Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi’s for Palestine” and  espouse an anti-Zionist ideology and do not recognize the State of Israel. They came to show support for Ahed Tamimi, the Arab teen who was arrested last month, after a video showing her slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers went viral.

The Hirsch family and other activists in Neturei Karta visited the Tamimi family home in family home in Nabi Salah, near Ramallah. The came bearing gifts, complete with Palestinian flags in their hands and expressed their support for the family’s struggle for their daughter’s release.

The Neturei Karta delegation met with the girl’s father and with her brothers and friends and said that they “condemn the undemocratic behavior of the State of Israel, which arrested an innocent girl for no fault of her own.”

Only a few weeks ago, the same group took part in the speech of Prime Minister Abbas in Ramallah during which he attacked US President Donald Trump.

“We came to express our solidarity with what happened to your family,” says Rabbi Israel Meir Hirsch, “We spoke at a meeting against the occupation and against the ongoing oppression of the Palestinians … It is not only this arrest but the entire conduct of the Zionist establishment against the Palestinian people that is unacceptable”.


Tamimi was arrested during a raid on her home in the West Bank village of Nebi Salah on December 19, after a video showing her slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers who did not respond went viral. Another young Palestinian woman filmed the action with her cell phone, suggesting that Tamimi was actively seeking to provoke a violent reaction by the soldiers.


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