Police in Rio de Janeiro have launched an investigation into the mysterious death of a 22-year-old Israeli tourist, earlier this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Alma Bohadana was returning from a visit to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Santa Teresa on Monday. She was accompanied by another individual, identified as Dan Hen, when a motorcycle allegedly approached them. Fearing that they were about to be robbed, the pair panicked and fled, with Bohadana jumping over a wall. Paramedics who arrived at the scene declared the young woman dead after she plummeted a devastating 49 feet into the forested area below.

Brazilian authoritis have been questioning Hen to gather more details about the events leading up to the traagic incident. Initially, Hen didn’t mention whether the motorcyclist was approaching them or if a weapon was brandished. In a second round of interrogation, he stated that a red vehicle had approached them, but no weapon was flashed. During a third interview, Hen revealed that although Bohadana had been in the country for nearly three months, they had only just met at a hostel in Copacabana, according to the report.

In a statement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Bohadana’s body will be transferred to Israel for burial.

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