Watch: IDF Video of Bibas Family in Hamas Captivity


The Israel Defense Forces released a video today discovered by soldiers in the Gaza Strip, depicting the Bibas family shortly after their October 7 kidnapping from Kibbutz Nir Oz. The family has been informed that the video was discovered concealed in a tunnel and has given their approval for its release.

“134 hostages are still being held in Hamas captivity in Gaza. The youngest hostage is Kfir Bibas, a baby stolen from his crib during the Hamas massacre of October 7 when he was only 9 months old,” IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said at the press conference where the footage was revealed.

“He was brutally kidnapped together with his 4-year-old brother Ariel, his mother Shiri and father Yarden,” he added.

The video, captured by a security camera in the city of Khan Younis in Gaza, shows Shiri Bibas barefoot, carrying her two young children who are hidden under a large sheet by Hamas terrorists. Yarden is not visible in the video. The last time he was seen was in a video released by Hamas in December, depicting the father alive.

The whereabouts and condition of the family members remain unknown 136 days after their captivity.

Jimmy Miller, a family member, told Israeli news outlet Yediot, “We are hoping that they will return to us as soon as possible and that the government will do everything possible.”

“These two children and their parents were supposed to be released during the first stage of the November ceasefire, and while this did not happen, the minimum would have been for them to be released in a humanitarian gesture. We are already expecting everything, the best and the worst,” he said.


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