A Palestinian Authority teenager who was filmed slapping and harassing Israeli soldiers in the Samaria was arrested. Israeli security forces made the arrest overnight Monday. The girl, identified by Hebrew media as 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, (AKA Shirley Temper) and two other girls were caught on camera Friday slapping and harassing the soldiers in an apparent attempt to provoke a violent response. The army said the girl was arrested for taking part in violent riots in the Arab village of Nabi Saleh on Friday. The girls filmed their confrontation of the soldiers with cellphones. However, the soldiers did not strike back in the video taken by another bystander, and only deflected the harder blows. The army said a preliminary investigation into the incident showed the soldiers “acted professionally and were not dragged into violence.” It also said the soldiers could have arrested the girls at the time because they “used physical violence and prevented soldiers from carrying out their duties.” Old footage of Tamimi harassing soldiers. “We will kill you, go from our land” she shouts at the end. All goes well until the commander threatens to arrest her mother for incitement. Tamimi is well known as a leader of youth protests against Israeli soldiers in the West Bank. The video of her confrontation with the soldiers was widely shared by pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists on the web. Supporters of Tamimi have started a campaign for her release under the hasthag #FreeAhedTamimi.
Ahed Tamimi punching IDF soldier (Old Photo, Twitter)
Palestinians (especially the Tamimi family who make a living off protesting the IDF )have often provoked highly publicized clashes with Israeli soldiers in the Arab village of Nabi Saleh.
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