A Lebanese banker suspected of channeling funds from Iran to Hamas has been killed near Beirut, reports AFP.

As per the report, Mohammed Sarur worked for a bank belonging to Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah terror organization. He was discovered on Tuesday in a villa in Beit Mery, a mountain town outside the Lebanese capital. He had been shot more than five times, and an undisclosed amount of money was found on him that was left untouched by the assailants.

Sarur had been under US sanctions since 2019 for his financial role in supporting Hamas. He has been accused of facilitating the transfer from Iran of tens of millions of dollars to Hamas for terrorist activities against Israel.

Iran has long provided financial, military, and political support to Hamas over the years. A report by The Washington Post in 2018 revealed that Iran’s financial contribution to Hamas had surged to $100 million annually. In 2019, The Times of Israel disclosed that Iran had equipped Hamas with the necessary technology to develop a new type of rocket, one with the capability to reach as far as Tel Aviv.

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