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‘Child Murderer’ Libel Targets Amsterdam Mother with Daughter in IDF

JBN News

March 29, 2024

A Jewish woman living in Amsterdam was harassed by three women on Wednesday because of her daughter’s enlistment in the Israeli Defense Forces, reports De Telegraaf.

The incident, which took place right outside the mother’s doorstep in the heavily Jewish suburb of Amstelveen, saw one of the women who accosted her calling her a “child murderer” and questioning why she still lived in the Netherlands.

The nurse, who chose to remain anonymous, compared her experience to the fear during the Holocaust.

“It feels like in World War II when the addresses of Jews were given out,” she told De Telegraaf.

Flyers and online banners had been circulating in her neighborhood since February, maliciously advertising her address and accusing her and her daughter of being complicit in “child murder.”

“Residents beware; a child murderer lives in the neighborhood. This genocidal maniac has returned from her murderous activities in Israel and will soon be tried,” reads the text of one flyer, which features pictures of the nurse’s daughter. It continues with the words, “Her mother sent her bitch daughter to kill babies; she is also an accomplice,” followed by the address, workplace, and names of the two women.

Pro-Arab supporters have allegedly sought her out at her workplace as well. The nurse plans to file a complaint with the police, as her feeling of safety has been “seriously compromised,” per the report.

Chanan Hertzberger, chairman of the Central Jewish Organization representing Dutch Jewry, urged the government to bolster protection for its Jewish citizens. He warned that antisemitism is escalating uncontrollably in light of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“My son was beaten up after soccer practice. When they go out, Jewish youngsters are accosted. Our children are not safe in their educational institutions,” Hertzberger said.“We’ve had enough of this abuse. We are normal Dutch citizens and that’s how we demand to be treated,” he said.

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