Prime Minister Netanyahu has reversed his earlier decision to cancel a scheduled delegation to Washington to discuss Israel’s Rafah incursion.

“The Prime Minister’s Office has agreed to reschedule the meeting dedicated to Rafah,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “So, we’re now working with them to set up a convenient date that’s obviously going to work for both sides, but his office has agreed to reschedule that meeting, which would be dedicated to Rafah, which is a good thing.”

Insider reports indicate that the Israeli Prime Minister reinstated the diplomatic mission following a personal request from US President Joe Biden who allegedly softened his “red line” Rafah position.

Since their last phone discussion in February, Biden has become more vocal about his misgivings about Netanyahu’s handling of Israel’s war against Hamas. In a recent interview, Biden stated that a credible strategy to safeguard Arab civilians was required before Israel carried out a military incursion into Rafah. Although the president said such an invasion was a “red line” for him, he also stated that he would never completely cut off Israel.

“There’s no red line where I would cut off all weapons, so they don’t have the Iron Dome to protect them,” he said.

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