Ex-Spy Jonathan Pollard Considers Political Role in Israel


Jonathan Pollard, the former American intelligence analyst convicted of spying for Israel, has publicly expressed his consideration of entering Israeli politics for the first time.

 In a revealing interview with Radio 103FM, Pollard articulated his desire to be a catalyst for change for Israel.

 “After October 7th, I understood that something has to change in this state, and that I want to be part of that change,” Pollard stated. “I am seriously considering entering politics. I consider politics a mission. I have no personal interest – all I want is the land of Israel and the people of Israel, that’s all.”

Pollard, who spent decades in an American prison before his release, shared his insights on the current challenges facing Israel, particularly the issue of hostages in Gaza. Drawing from his own harrowing experiences of interrogation and disability, he suggested that the Israeli government needs to strike a delicate balance between securing the hostages’ release and ensuring the nation’s security. Pollard proposed involving the hostages’ families in the operational decision-making process.

The former spy did not mince words when discussing Israeli politicians attitude during his US incarceration, accusing them of betrayal and neglect.

“They lied to me, betrayed me, and treated me as if I needed to die in prison,” Pollard revealed.

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