France has suggested using sanctions as leverage against Israel to secure more humanitarian aid for Gaza.

“There must be levers of influence, and there are multiple levers, going up to sanctions to let humanitarian aid cross checkpoints,” French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne told RFI radio on Tuesday.

“France was one of the first countries to propose European Union sanctions on Israeli settlers committing acts of violence in the West Bank. We will continue if needed to obtain the opening of humanitarian aid.”

Meanwhile, the highest number of trucks carrying aid entered the Gaza Strip on Tuesday since the start of the war in October, as announced by the Israeli military. The total of 468 aid trucks on Tuesday surpassed the previous day’s high of 419.

Over the past three days, the IDF has allowed more than 1,200 humanitarian aid trucks to enter the enclave. However, the United Nations alleges vastly different numbers, claiming that only 350 trucks had crossed into Gaza on Tuesday, with even lower numbers recorded in the days prior. According to UN spokesperson Jens Laerke, the discrepancy is caused by Israel counting trucks that are only half full.

“Trucks that go in are typically only half full. This is a requirement they have put in place for screening purposes. When we count the trucks on the other side, when they have been reloaded, they are full,” Laerke tells Reuters.

Israel has not responded to these newfound allegations.

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