A software engineer who sustained injuries in a recent stabbing attack at a mall in central Israel died of his wounds on Thursday. 

Lidor Levi, 34, leaves behind his pregnant wife and a six-month-old daughter.

“Lidor was an amazing father, spouse, brother, and son. He was a person full of love, nobility, and self-sacrifice. He was an anchor for his family and a role model for those around him,” Levi’s family said in a statement.

“The goal of his life was to help people quietly and with humility. Lidor leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. We will continue to live according to the values he instilled in us for his remembrance.”

On Sunday evening, a 19-year-old Arab from the town of Dura used two knives to attack three Israelis before being neutralized by security personnel. Reports indicate the terrorist had illegally entered Israel through a gap in the security fence. His work permit, now expired, was only valid for an industrial zone inside Judea and Samaria.

Nine suspects were apprehended in a joint operation between the IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police following a raid on the teen terrorists home, as per an IDF spokesperson.

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