Hamas has rejected a deal that would have seen the release of hundreds of jailed Arab terrorists in exchange for the release of 40 Israeli hostages.

In a statement released on Monday, the terror organization claimed Israel did not meet its “basic demands,” which include a full IDF withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and a “real exchange of prisoners.” The latter statement is significant, as reports indicate Israel had agreed to release up to 800 imprisoned terrorists, including 100 convicted of murder, in return for the 40.

Hamas also placed the conflict’s full blame on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for “thwarting all negotiation efforts and obstructing reaching an agreement.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Hamas may have been motivated by Washington’s decision not to veto the United Nations’ call for a ceasefire, as it could have been interpreted as a sign of dwindling patience from Israel’s closest ally.

Not so long after the Oct. 7 massacre, Democrats began changing their tune on the Israel-Hamas war, cognizant of the delicate balance required in an election year to maintain Arab American electoral support. This is especially true in key swing states such as Michigan, where, according to census data, individuals of Middle Eastern descent constitute 3.1 percent of the population.

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