The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have identified the room through DNA samples where Liri Albag and other captives were held by the Hamas terror group in their first few days in captivity.

The Daily Mail received photographs from the IDF of the 19-year-old’s room, which showed an interior with children’s toys and a pink wardrobe.

Shira Albag, the mother of the nineteen-year-old, told the Daily Mail that her initial response to viewing the photograph was initially positive

“At first when I saw it, I was happy because she was in a child’s room,” Shira said. “There were kids’ clothes in the cupboard, and it gave me a little relief that she wasn’t in a scary place.”

“But then,” she continued, “I understood that she is with a family—they kidnapped her, not Hamas. It’s the equivalent of me keeping someone else’s children locked in my house.”

Liri was forcibly taken from Kibbutz Nahal Oz on Oct. 7, when some 3,000 terrorists invaded southern Israel and brutally murdered 1,200 and kidnapped 253 people, igniting the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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