Hundreds of Hamas Terrorists Surrender in Khan Yunis Raid


A 10-day Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raid in Gaza’s Khan Yunis has led to the capture of hundreds of terrorists, the army announced on Monday. 

The 7th Brigade Combat Unit, under the leadership of the Israel Security Agency (ISA), conducted an operation in the Hamad neighborhood of Khan Yunis, targeting multi-story buildings that reportedly housed Hamas operatives across several floors. Hundreds of terrorists surrendered to the IDF, while those who chose to resist were either apprehended following confrontations or killed during the engagements.

Approximately 300 Hamas terrorists were arrested, and a large cache of weapons was also seized during the raid, according to the military.

Meanwhile, the IDF has launched an offensive in the Al-Amal area of Khan Younis following intelligence indicating that Hamas is utilizing civilian infrastructure, including the Al-Amal hospital, for terrorist activities. At the outset of the operation, the Israeli Air Force hit approximately 40 Hamas targets in the area, including several tunnel shafts.

The IDF has now infiltrated the neighborhood and is allowing civilians to leave via a designated path, while Shin Bet and military intelligence officials screen the crowds and gather suspected terrorists for questioning.

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