A dual citizen of Russia and Israel was beaten to death in St. Petersburg days before the birth of his first child.

Mikhail Verevskoy, 27, died Monday in the hospital from the injuries he suffered in the March 28 assault, the news site Fontaka reported. Tuesday. Police arrested and later released a suspect, Ahmed Kharsha, 36, on bail.

The report did not contain details about the alleged motive. It said Verevskoy was assaulted after 9 p.m. while he was returning home from a supermarket. Kharsha fled the scene after striking Verevskoy on his limbs and abdomen, splitting his spleen and liver, the report said.

Mikhail Verevskoy

Verevskoy’s pregnant wife was in the hospital at the time of the attack, Fontaka reported, where doctors said she would give birth imminently.

Kharsha is alleged to have committed manslaughter by “deliberate infliction of serious injury,” but police and prosecutors said the indictment may change following Verevskoy’s death.

Verevskoy studied architecture and civil engineering in St. Petersburg before immigrating to Israel, where he served in the army for two years until 2012. He returned to Russia, where he volunteered at a shelter for abandoned pets.

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