Pressure is mounting on Hamas to end hostilities with Israel in exchange for a hostage deal.

As per local Hebrew media, the proposed deal involves the release of some, but not all, of the remaining 133 hostages held by Hamas. It would involve the release of 20 to 40 “humanitarian” hostages, primarily women, the elderly, and the sick, in exchange for an initial six-week cease-fire. In return, Israel would release hundreds of hundreds of jailed Arab terrorists.

Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned that if a deal is not reached, Israel will carry out a major military operation in Rafah. He also noted that while securing the freedom of the remaining 133 hostages in Gaza remains a top priority, it will not impede the military’s goal of destroying Hamas.

“If there is a deal, we will suspend the operation,” Katz told Channel 12 on Sunday.

A report from the Asharq Al-Awsat suggests that the US and Egypt are putting heavy pressure on Hamas to accept the deal. Egyptian mediators have communicated to Hamas that this is the best deal they can secure, and if not accepted, Israel would have the legitimacy to enter Rafah. The London-based Arabic newspaper also reports that Israel is also willing to discuss ending the war permanently, something it never agreed to do in the past, if the terror group accepts this current proposal.

Hamas deputy chief Khalil Al-Hayya announced on Saturday that the terror group is reviewing the proposal.

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