JetBlue Cancels Flight After Jewish Man Politely Objects to ‘Free Palestine’ Pin


A Jewish passenger booked on a JetBlue flight had his flight canceled because he politely objected to a flight attendant wearing a “Free Palestine” pin. 

As per the Daily Mail, Paul Faust, a 54-year-old tech executive, was flying from South Florida to Las Vegas on April 28. Before takeoff, he noticed a flight attendant wearing a pin with the flag of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) pictured above the words “Free Palestine.” Initially, he kept quiet about her offensive attire but later spoke up after she began serving drinks. Faust claimed that the flight attendant moved the PLO pin to a more prominent position above her chest, which he interpreted as a provocative and deliberate action.

Faust brought his concerns to another crew member, expressing his discomfort with the flight attendant’s attire, and suggested that they discuss the matter with her after the flight. The plane then took off and landed in Las Vegas without further incident.

Upon disembarking in Las Vegas, Faust was surprised to be approached by a JetBlue official who accused him of causing a disturbance. In disbelief, he denied the allegations and walked away, according to the report.

The following day, when Faust was scheduled to fly back to South Florida, he discovered that his return flight had been canceled without notification. When he contacted JetBlue’s customer service, he was told that the decision was made because he had “caused a disturbance on the flight” by not listening to flight crew instructions or listening to the supervisor at the gate.

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