Anti-Israel protesters have taken to social media to call for a boycott of the James Bond franchise amid reports that Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson may have been offered the iconic spy role. 

Using the hashtag #BoycottJamesBond, users have posted antisemitic messages on X, including “Boycott Bond, Free Palestine,” “Really bad timing with Israel committing genocide in Gaza. Shame on you. I hope your company collapses,” and “Trying to clean up the image of Mossad. Or is James gonna be running an international child sex trafficking ring this time like the real world???”

As per the Sun, Taylor-Johnson will get the job “should he wish to accept it.” However, a conflicting BBC report quotes a Bond franchise production insider who stated there is “no truth in the rumors.”

The 33-year-old actor, who has mainly been known to audiences for his role as Quicksilver in the Marvel movies, does not shy away from his Jewish heritage. In an interview with the Guardian, Taylor-Johnson said he was glad someone said he looked like a Hasidic Jew. “That was nice because I have really curly hair and also I’m Jewish.”

Should Taylor-Johnson accept the role, he would become the first Jewish actor to play the famous spy. Other actors who have been considered for the part over the years include Oscar winner Cillian Murphy, Idris Elba, and Henry Cavill.

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