New York to Host Nova Music Festival Massacre Exhibit


An exhibition showcasing the tragic Hamas attack at the Nova Music Festival in southern Israel on October 7 is slated to debut in New York City later this month, according to Billboard.

The exhibition, named “Nova: Oct. 7 6:29 AM, The Moment Music Stood Still,” aims to memorialize the massacre, following a successful 10-week display in Tel Aviv. The choice of “6:29 AM” in the title is in reference to the time the festival was violently disrupted by Hamas terrorists, leading to the deaths of 370 attendees and the abduction of dozens more to the Gaza Strip.

On display are artifacts from the attack, including charred vehicles, bullet-riddled bathroom stalls, festival decorations, and abandoned personal items. Survivors of the attack are expected to visit, as per the report.

The exhibit’s co-founder, Scooter Braun, emphasized the importance of visual reminders as a means of confronting and processing the tragedy.

“People need to understand it could have been any of us, at any festival. Music must remain a safe place. Because of that, friends and I have teamed up with the founders of Nova to bring this exhibition to NYC. It is an in-depth remembrance of the brutal October 7th attack,” Braun said on Instagram.

Proceeds generated by the exhibition will be directed towards the Nova Healing Journey, a program dedicated to providing mental health services for those who survived the Oct. 7 tragedy and their families.

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