Residents of Kibbutz Be’eri to Hold Seder in Hostage Square


    A Passover Seder is being organized for five hundred residents of Kibbutz Be’eri in Tel Aviv’s Hostage Square, aiming to push for the release of the 133 captives still being held by Hamas in Gaza, reports JNS.

    Kibbutz Be’eri suffered some of the worst atrocities inflicted by Hamas terrorists on Israel’s southern communities during attacks on October 7th. The massacre claimed 100 lives, with 30 individuals kidnapped. Eleven members of the kibbutz remain in Gaza’s captivity, while an additional six are believed to have perished in captivity.

    “This Seder is not a celebration,” Or Gat, the sister of captive Carmel Gat, told JNS.

    “On Passover, we mark our return to abandonment and slavery, as we continue our uncompromising fight for freedom,” she said. “We demand the return of our sons and daughters, and will decide our future. We have the will, but right now we cannot be a free people in our own land. We love you and fight for you every moment.”

    In an emotional display last week, families of the hostages taken by Hamas gathered in Kibbutz Nir Oz’s bullet-riddled dining hall for a mock Seder. Empty yellow chairs, each bearing a photograph of a captive, stood alongside empty plates and cutlery—a stark reminder of the void left by those stolen away.

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