An Israeli government initiative aimed at assisting thousands of Ethiopians in making Aliyah has hit a significant roadblock due to insufficient funds.

The Population and Immigration Authority announced on Wednesday that roughly 14,000 Ethiopians are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to start new lives in Israel. The “Tsur Yisrael” program, designed to facilitate the immigration of thousands from transit camps in Addis Ababa and Gondar, is currently on hold, with 1,226 individuals approved but yet to be relocated because of financial limitations.

During a discussion on Monday regarding this issue, Tair Rabukhin from the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Department highlighted the financial shortfall facing “Tsur Yisrael.”

“Should the government opt to relocate additional groups from the Ethiopian Jewish community, more budgetary resources will be necessary. To move the remaining individuals waiting in Ethiopia who meet the government’s criteria, we’ll need to secure about NIS 200 million,” she explained.

Ethiopian-Israeli community representatives at the meeting voiced the challenges of family separation caused by immigration disruptions.

“I have two sisters in Ethiopia, and they’re not being allowed to immigrate to Israel. We’re tired of promises; we demand action,” one representative expressed. Another shared, “My grandmother is still in Ethiopia, and my uncle was tragically murdered on October 7. Why are we still just talking about bringing Jews to Israel?”

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