The English-language version of Wikipedia has seen a rise in anti-Israel bias since the Hamas massacre on Oct. 7, a World Jewish Congress (WJC) report reveals.

According to the report, the anti-Israel bias has taken various forms, including ambiguous terminology, a lack of context, one-sided sources, and critical omissions in articles on the ongoing Gaza war. Some entries have been found to promote the demonization or delegitimization of Israel, while others avoided mentioning the massacre that left 1200 Israelis dead and hundreds taken as hostages.  

The WJC suggests that this trend is fueled by a combination of factors, such as aggressive behavior among editors, editorial conflicts, and the anonymity provided to users.

The study was based on research, content analysis, and interviews with Israeli Wikipedia volunteer editors. It’s part of a six-week WJC aimed at addressing issues related to Israel at the United Nations in Geneva and New York. Despite the presentation of undeniable evidence, the UN Human Rights Council failed to condemn the Hamas attack on October 13.

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