Shin Bet Busts Two Israelis Who Joined ISIS

Israeli Arabs Charged for Joining ISIS

Two residents of Umm al-Fahm, a city in northern Israel, have been arrested on suspicion of joining ISIS. The two 21-year-old suspects have been identified as Muhammad Farouk Yosef Agbaria, and Abdel Mahdi Masoud Muhammad Jabarin.

Both suspects confessed on planning to travel to Africa to carry out attacks on behalf of ISIS.

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The suspects were closely tracked by Israeli security forces which revealed their connection to ISIS. The two consumed extremist ISIS content including videos of beheadings and trained themselves using a self-made shooting range in preparation for terrorist activity.

Agrabia and Jabarin received new passports from a man who had recently returned from Africa after fighting for ISIS. They also spoke with a Nigerian contact to receive details about how to get to the front lines in Africa.

The two men were indicted at the Haifa Magistrate Court.
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