UN Security Council to Vote on Gaza Ceasefire


The UN Security Council will hold a vote on Monday demanding a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, reports the Associated Press.

Russia and China spearheaded the resolution, calling for the maintenance of the ceasefire throughout the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, which concludes on April 9. It garnered attention from the 22-nation Arab Group at the UN, urging council members to unite in their vote to “act with unity and urgency to halt the bloodshed, preserve human lives, and avert further human suffering and destruction.”The vote comes amid intensified international pressure to broker peace in the Gaza envelope. 

Last month, the US blocked Algeria’s draft resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire. In mid-December, the Security Council approved a resolution calling for a temporary truce in Gaza to allow more aid into the Strip. Earlier that month, it tried to vote on a resolution urging an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, but the US vetoed it.

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