Watch: Hamas-PIJ Terrorists Admit Use of Gaza’s Shifa Hospital


Newly released video interrogation footage from the Israel Defense Forces unveils Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists admit to exploiting Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital for terror purposes.

Seen first is PIJ terrorist Nabeel Rajab Abed Shteiwi, who admits he had been involved in missile production since 2012 and had been living in the hospital for three months. According to Shteiwi, both PIJ and Hamas use the hospital’s “Specialist Building” as their main hub, though their presence is not limited to just this location. He commented on how easy it was to navigate the hospital premises by simply disguising themselves in nurse attire to avoid suspicion.

Hamas terrorist Bakr Ahmed Bakr Qanita reveals he stayed in Shifa Hospital for 25 days to oversee a “defensive position.” He estimates between 600 and 1,000 Hamas personnel were stationed at the hospital. Qanita acknowledged the presence of weapons in the medical residency department and also identified the Specialist Building as the terror group’s primary headquarters.

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