Arab-Israeli MK Under Fire for Liking Post on X Blaming Moscow Shooting on Israel


Arab-Israeli Knesset member Ahmad Tibi has come under fire for ‘liking’ a post on X blaming Israel for last week’s deadly shooting at a Moscow concert venue.

“How exactly does it help Muslims or Palestinians launch bombing attacks on Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Russia? If past behavior is any indication, one can expect future ISIS attacks on Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, Algeria, China, South Africa, Ireland, and Latin America. It is widely recognized that ISIS is a false flag operation run by Israeli intelligence to harm Muslims,” read the original posted on X by Daniel Haqiqatjou.

Tibi, who previously worked with Yasser Arafat, explained to Channel 12 News that his ‘like’ of the tweet was in condemnation of ISIS’s actions against Muslim countries and those supporting the Arab cause, rather than support for the conspiracy theory.

“ISIS, the monster, hurts Muslims and Islam the most, and for that, I liked the post. “It’s been almost six months of war; I have had viewpoints since October 7 and before, and Channel 12 remembers to mention me for the first time with this lie,” Tibi said.

He also criticized the Hebrew news channel for what he sees as selective and misleading journalism, pointing out their lack of engagement with him when he lost family members in Gaza.

In the deadliest attack in Russia in decades, camouflage-clad gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons at concertgoers near Moscow on Friday, killing at least 60 people and injuring 145.

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