Watch: Parents Visit Home of Daughter and Grandchildren Murdered by Hamas


Every victim has a family whose lives have been destroyed. Gill and Pete Brisley are just two of them after their daughter Lianne and two grandchildren were murdered by Hamas.

Born in England, Lianne volunteered on a Kibbutz in Israel where she met and fell in love with Eli Sharabi who she would eventually marry. Together they raised two teenage girls, Noya, 16, and Yahel, 13.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists infiltrated the Kerem neighborhood in Kibbutz Be’eri and opened fire. The Sharabis were all sheltering in a safe room in their home when Hamas terrorists stormed in.

“I can hear them. They are at our house. They are shooting and shouting ‘Die Israel’. Please call for help,” were the last words Lianne texted in terror to relatives before they lost contact.

Leanne along with her children were murdered, and Eli was taken hostage into Gaza. The brutality of the attacks was such that Leanne and Noya could only be identified through dental records and DNA analysis.

“Our son who lives very close to us, came round and said four words which ruined our lives. Lianne didn’t make it. Then he said that the girls are dead as well,” Gill said.

Watch as Gill and Pete visit their daughter’s home in Kibbutz Be’eri.

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