The hacker group known as “Anonymous” has claimed that it stole sensitive information from Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor.

In a statement on X, Anonymous wrote:

“The first step of our operations was successful. As we promised before, this operation was high-risk, but as we are not as bloodthirsty as Netanyahu and his terrorist army, we carried out the operation in such a way that no civilians were harmed.”

“We have targeted some servers of the baby killer regime’s nuclear organizations. In this operation, while wiping and destroying the data, we saved a part of it, which includes 7 GB of data that we will disclose to the people of the world.

“Our operations will not stop and will continue until the end of the baby killer regime. We do not have time to check this data, and we leave checking it to you.”

The hackers claim to have obtained 5,000 emails, 352 Excel spreadsheets, 1,359 Word documents, 236 Power Point presentations, and other unspecified materials.

Israeli authorities have not verified these claims.

Anonymous, often depicted with the iconic Guy Fawkes mask, is a decentralized global collective of hackers known for its various cyber operations against governments, institutions, and corporations. In 2022, Anonymous made headlines in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They claimed to have disrupted operations of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, targeted over 2,500 Russian and Belarusian entities, including major banks and government agencies, and executed data leaks and anti-propaganda campaigns.

    Daisy April 11, 2024 1:41 pm

    These claims can not be verified because they are fake.
    Anonymous is full of threat actors.

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