Power Ranger Star to Launch Clothing Line Featuring Hitler Quotes


Actor Austin St. John, best known for playing the original Red Ranger in the TV show Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, plans to launch a clothing line featuring quotes from Adolf Hitler.

On a recent episode of the “Toon’d In! with Jim Cummings” podcast, St. John spoke about his plans to launch a new line of self-dubbed “warrior” t-shirts. They feature quotes from historical figures ranging from Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris to Hitler.

“I’m going to have famous quotes from warriors of all ages, including the terrible ones,” said St. John. “Hitler was, you know, a demon on steroids, but he had some pretty good one-liners. So everybody, from the great ones to the infamous and terrible ones,”

Amy Jo Johnson, who starred alongside St. John as the Pink Ranger, criticized the poor choice of role model on X.

“Hmmm? I think some people should have publicists. Dear me… Rogue Red Ranger has an entirely new meaning. Okay, I’ll stop now,” she wrote.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers became a TV pop culture phenomenon in the 1990s thanks to Israeli-American entrepreneur Haim Saban, who wowed audiences by blending live-action superhero drama with martial arts and special effects.

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