Hezbollah ramped up attacks on Northern Israel with a fresh barrage of rocket attacks on Sunday.

The Iranian-backed terror group took responsibility for for launching 35 rockets at the Mount Meron area in Israel’s Upper Galilee, claiming the action was in response to alleged Israeli attacks on villages and civilian homes in the south of the Arab country.

The IDF reported one civilian injury during the rocket barrage; the individual received treatment for minor injuries at Ziv Medical Center in Safed.

In response, Israel conducted artillery strikes against targets in Southern Lebanon, including the al-Habariya and Kunin areas, and launched airstrikes on Hezbollah infrastructure in Ayta ash-Shab, Maroun El-Ras, and Khirbet Selm.

This escalation is part of a series of near-daily attacks initiated by Hezbollah across the Israel-Lebanon border since October 7, causing significant damage and resulting in the deaths of 17 people. Approximately 62,000 Israelis have been evacuated from communities along the northern border.

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reports that Israel has given a March 15 deadline for Hezbollah to back down, warning of potential war escalation if the deadline is not met.

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