Homes of Terrorists Responsible for Death of 79-Year-Old Demolished by IDF


The homes of two Arab cousins responsible for the tragic death of 79-year-old Edna Blustein were demolished on Tuesday night, reports Arutz Sheva.

According to the report, in a joint operation between the IDF, Border Police, and Shin Bet, the homes of Mahmoud Zidaat, 44, and Ahmed Zidaat, 24, from the Arab town of Bani Na’im near Hebron region were destroyed.

On the afternoon of January 15, the two terrorists entered Ra’anana illegally and targeted Blustein as she drove a black jeep on Haharoshet Street. One of the cousins forced her out of the vehicle and used it to ram into three pedestrians. When the jeep got stuck, he abandoned it, found another vehicle, and continued his terrifying killing spree. At the same time, the other terrorist was causing havoc on the city’s main road by attacking a woman driving a white car with a knife. In addition to the elderly woman’s death, 17 others were injured in the terror attack, including seven children.

Both Arab terrorists had been employees at a car wash in the city for the last three days. The car wash owner allegedly did not know that they had entered Israel illegally and was unaware of their intention to carry out a terror attack.

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