Iran has warned Israel of severe consequences following the assassination of a top Iranian commander operating out of Syria.

“We consider this aggression to have violated all diplomatic norms and international treaties, said Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. “Benjamin Netanyahu has completely lost his mental balance due to the successive failures in Gaza and his failure to achieve his Zionist goals.”

Footage of Monday’s strike in the Damascus-area municipality of Mezzeh shows a building adjacent to the Iranian embassy being hit. Sven Iranian military advisers reportedly died in the strike, including Iranian commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

Zahedi was a senior military figure in Iran’s network of terror, commanding units within the al-Quds force in Lebanon and Syria. His role was central to Iran’s relations with Hezbollah and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, particularly in the supply of Iranian-made missiles to Hezbollah. The US imposed sanctions on Zahedi in 2010.

Israel has increased airstrikes beyond its borders in its expanded offensive against the Iran-backed terror faction, Hamas. Hamas launched an attack on Israel on Oct. 7, resulting in the tragic loss of about 1,200 lives and the hostage-taking of 253 individuals. It is widely believed Iran played a major role in the massacre and continues to mastermind the Arab offensive against the Jewish State.

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