An Israeli reserve soldier wounded in a recent Hezbollah terror attack on northern Israel has succumbed to his injuries, the IDF announced on Sunday.

IDF Maj. (res.) Dor Zimel, 27, from Even Yehuda, was critically injured last Wednesday when Hezbollah launched missiles and attack drones on the Arab-Israeli community of Arab al-Aramshe. A local community center and a passing civilian vehicle were hit in the attack, leaving over a dozen people wounded, including 14 IDF soldiers and 4 civilians.

Zimel, who served as a deputy company commander in the Etzioni Brigade, suffered severe brain damage in the attack. He was called up for reserve duty on October 7 and had been stationed on the Israel-Lebanon border since then.

Tragically, at the time of his death, Zimel was engaged to be married to his fiancée Shir Sagiv in June. According to Haaretz, he had planned to give her an engagement ring from the family of Adir Mesika, one of the victims murdered by Hamas during the Nova music festival massacre on Oct. 7.

In February, Zimel wrote on Facebook: “I will never be able to convey all my experiences. Even if I could, how can we conclude when we’re not finished? There are hostages in Gaza, soldiers awake day and night, families coming apart and businesses collapsing. Despite my storm of emotions, all I want to say is thank you – for the right to defend the country, the privilege of marrying Shir, and for a supportive and loving family.”

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