Tucker Carlson Mocks Christians for Supporting Israel’s War on Hamas


Controversial right-wing journalist Tucker Carlson has been making headlines for claiming Christians who support Israel’s war against Hamas have lost touch with reality.

“A consistent but almost never noted theme of American foreign policy is that it is always the Christians who suffer,” the former Fox News host said at the start of a Wednesday “Tucker Carlson Uncensored” interview with anti-Israel pastor Munther Isaac.

“If you wake up in the morning and decide that your Christian faith requires you to support a foreign government blowing up churches and killing Christians, I think you’ve lost the thread,” Carlson said in reference to an October Israeli strike that destroyed a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza City, killing 17 people.

The Israeli government took responsibility for the bombing of the Gaza church.

During the interview, Isaac, a Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem who has in the past accused Israel of “genocide,” expressed frustration over the general ignorance regarding the realities Arab Christians face.

“A lot of the money that comes from churches… goes not just to the Israeli military but to the building of settlements. Many of these settlements are built on land confiscated from Palestinians and, in many cases, from Palestinian Christian families,” Issac claimed.

Isaac further blamed the Oct. 7 massacre on Israel’s policies, a claim that went unchallenged by Carlson. He had lauded the attacks, calling them a testament to “the strength of the Palestinian man who defied his siege.”

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