During a nationally broadcasted address in Istanbul over the weekend, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan drew a severe comparison between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Adolf Hitler, alongside other historically notorious dictators.

“Netanyahu and his administration, with their crimes against humanity in Gaza, are writing their names next to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, like today’s Nazis,” he said.

Erdogan also reiterated his support for Hamas.

“Turkey is a country that speaks openly with Hamas leaders and firmly backs them.”

“We will continue to do what is necessary to hold Israeli officials accountable for the massacres committed in Gaza in accordance with international law,” Erdogan said. 

This statement is part of a series of anti-Israel remarks by Erdogan since October 7. This past week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was visiting Turkey at the invitation of Erdogan to discuss the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. During the forum, Erdogan stated that the best way to counter Israeli “oppression” is by promoting unity and solidarity among Arabs. The Turkish leader also promised to assume a guarantor role on behalf of the Arabs in a two-state solution.

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