Family members of hostages still being held in Gaza by Hamas smeared yellow paint on the glass wall of the Knesset viewing gallery on Wednesday, demanding the government take more decisive action to free their loved ones.

Wednesday marked the 180th day since 134 Israelis were taken hostage on October 7 by Hamas. Standing in front of a row displaying pictures of the hostages, approximately 20 family members disrupted Knesset proceedings by smearing yellow paint across the windows of the visitors’ gallery and shouting “Now! Now!” before security arrived to escort them out of the building.

Yellow has become the color of choice for “Bring Them Home” protests, often signified by the display or waving of yellow ribbons during demonstrations or public events. Several Knesset members raised their hands in solidarity with the demonstrators.

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid looked up at the viewing gallery and said, as quoted by the Times of Israel, “Our hearts are with you, the families of the protesters. We will fight with you,” while also cautioning protesters to “follow the law.”

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