CAUGHT ON TAPE: Shocking Moment a ‘Palestinian’ Fakes Being ‘Killed’ by IDF Soldiers


Watch a step by step show which shows how ‘Pallywood’ works.  The video titled “How to get a Headline on CNN” shows a Palestinian Authority man taunting soldiers on camera in the hopes that they hit or arrest him. The man then makes sure that the press and other activists armed with cameras are watching, as he tries to lift his hands to the soldiers. The soldiers still ignore him and do not give in to his commotion. When all else fails, the man just collapses and holds his head in pain, hoping that his friends who are filming do a good enough editing job to make it seem like he was seriously injured or killed by the soldiers.

Then we see other Palestinians who are in on the scam, swoop in like concerned citizens to carry the “injured man” who is not responsive to get some medical attention.

What he did not realize is that Israeli cameras, captured the man taking a fake fall.

The end of the video says “Congratulations, you just earned a CNN headline”



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