Israeli Border Police arrested a Hebron doctor on grounds of incitement, reports Arutz Sheva.

Dr. Rashid al-Zaro was a top surgeon at the Hebron Hospital who previously held a work visa in Israel that had been withdrawn by the Civil Administration for misuse. Prior to the expiration of his work visa, he worked at the Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Al-Zaro was arrested on Friday after police found social media posts of his applauding and glorifying the Oct. 7 massacre and calling for the destruction of the Jewish State.

The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislative Affairs passed a punishing motion in February against Oct. 7 deniers. Anyone caught publishing items that deny or belittle the massacre, or who publishes admiration or empathy for Hamas’ crimes on that day, could face a five-year prison sentence. To become law, the bill still needs to pass through three more votes in the Knesset plenum.

Some human rights advocates are concerned about the bill’s potential impact on free speech, particularly given the large number of law enforcement inquiries against Arab-Israeli citizens for incitement since the war began.

In an unparalleled terror attack on Simchat Torah, over 3,000 Hamas terrorists broke through Israel’s borders via land, air, and sea, murdering about 1,200 people and taking 253 hostages.

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