IDF Captures 250 Terrorists in Khan Yunis


The IDF has so far captured 250 terrorists associated with Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad during an ongoing operation in the Hamad Town residential complex in southern Gaza’s Khan Yunis.

Troops from the Navy’s Shayetet 13, the Commando Brigade, and other special forces have been meticulously searching through buildings in Hamad on Thursday. According to an IDF spokesperson, the skyscrapers in this neighborhood are being utilized by Hamas for operational purposes.

During these operations, a commander of a Hamas sniper squad and two other high-ranking officials were captured. Other terrorists caught were involved in the massacre on October 7 and are members of Hamas’s elite Nukhba force. The IDF also confiscated a variety of military equipment from the premises, including firearms, explosives, and even diving gear.

Meanwhile, the 7th Armored Brigade has encircled the Hamad area. In collaboration with Unit 504 of the Military Intelligence Directorate, they are targeting terrorists attempting to escape amidst the evacuation of civilians.

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