Iran Urges Caution to Avoid Escalation with Israel and US


Iran is privately urging Hezbollah not to launch a full-scale war against Israel, as it would jeopardize the gains made in the region, according to The Washington Post.

The report suggests that Iran believes the ‘Axis of Resistance’—which includes Iran-backed regional proxies such as Hezbollah and Hamas—has already made significant progress against Israel by refocusing the world’s attention on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and disrupting plans for Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states to normalize ties with Israel. Opening a second front in the war by Hezbollah would risk all these achievements.

Information from an Iranian official who met with Hezbollah in Lebanon indicates a clear directive to Iran’s allies: Netanyahu is in a vulnerable position, and it’s crucial to avoid escalating the conflict, as this could inadvertently benefit him.

Iran is reportedly advising its proxies not only to exercise caution with Israel but also to avoid actions that might unduly provoke the United States,

Shortly after Kataib Hezbollah took responsibility for the assault that resulted in the deaths of three U.S. Army reservists, an Iranian military commander arrived in Baghdad to hold discussions with the leadership of the group. During this meeting, the commander urged them to release a statement calling for a halt to attacks against U.S. interests.

“Iran is doing its utmost to prevent the expansion of the war and the escalation from reaching the point of no return,” an Iraqi official with close ties to Iranian-backed forces in Iraq was quoted by The Washington Post.

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