Remains of Hamas Victim Thought to be Taken Hostage Found


The remains of Elyakim Libman, an Israeli teenager believed to have been taken hostage during the devastating Hamas massacre on October 7, have been discovered in Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Friday.

Libman was serving as a security guard at the Supernova desert rave on Oct. 7 when Hamas terrorists launched a brutal assault on the party, killing and kidnapping hundreds of young attendees.

Initially, authorities presumed Libman had been taken hostage, as his body was not found among the carnage of bodies. However, after a joint investigation involving the IDF, the Institute of Forensic Medicine, and the Health Ministry, the 23-year-old’s remains was discovered buried alongside another victim from the Supernova festival. According to the IDF, the delay in notifying Libman’s family was due to the tragic fact that many bodies from the massacre were either burned or mutilated beyond recognition.

Hamas’ brutal attack on southern Israel in October resulted in a staggering loss of innocent life, with an estimated 1,200 people killed, including more than 360 festival attendees and over 250 individuals taken hostage. In a heart-wrenching Facebook post following the attack, Libman’s father recounted how his son helped an injured woman, refusing to leave her despite pleas to save himself.

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