A planned ISIS terror attack at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem was thwarted by Israeli police and the Shin Bet.

Initial reports suggest that three terrorists, all residents of East Jerusalem and in their 20s, were arrested approximately a month ago after a comprehensive investigation by the Shin Bet and police.

The investigation revealed that the ISIS cell had specific plans to attack a police station in an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem and execute a terror attack at Teddy Stadium. Initially, they wanted to set off a bomb at the site, but since they couldn’t get the explosive ready in time, they switched gears to plan a shooting attack instead.

Reports suggest the operatives were under the guidance of a more experienced ISIS terrorist in his 50s, residing in Sawahera al-Sharqiya, near Jerusalem. This individual was responsible for instructing the younger men to undergo terror attack training abroad. Their intended destinations for training included African countries, with further plans to possibly extend their training to Syria or Iraq.

All three ISIS terrorists are expected to be formally charged at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court in the coming days.

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