Spain may soon recognize a Palestinian state, reports El Pais News.

Speaking to members of the press accompanying him on his trip to the Middle East on Tuesday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Pedro says the recognition will come before the summer.

“I will propose granting Spain’s recognition to the Palestinian state,” Sánchez said. “I do this out of moral conviction, for a just cause, and because it is the only way that the two states, Israel and Palestine, can live together in peace.”

The Spanish prime minister also said he will try to convince Arab countries that haven’t recognized Israel to start doing so.

As per El Pais, Sánchez is trying to get Slovenia and Ireland on board to recognize a Palestinian state. In late March, the three countries plus Malta issued a joint declaration on their willingness to recognize a Palestinian state when “the circumstances are appropriate.”

Spain anticipates that other European nations will soon follow suit, and it believes there will be a window for recognition between the end of the Gaza war and the US elections in November, when pro-Israel Donald Trump might win reelection.

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