New Hope Party Chairman Gideon Sa’ar has called for new elections in 2025, suggesting that Israelis need to engage in “soul searching” following the Gaza war.

Speaking to Channel 12 on Tuesday, Sa’ar said, “In order to allow a national focus on the war, it is also necessary to reach a broad agreement around the time of returning the mandate to the people. Arriving now at an agreed date for elections, taking into account the needs of the ongoing war, is the correct course of action.”

Sa’ar paid tribute to soldiers who had recently fallen in Gaza, signaling a need for a critical reassessment of Israel’s military and political strategies towards Hamas. He suggested that the prolonged military engagement and attempts to dismantle Hamas had not served Israel’s national interest and called for a recalibration of Israel’s approach, especially in terms of humanitarian aid distribution and negotiation tactics with Hamas for a new hostage release framework.

The controversial politician also pushed for the formation of a state investigation committee to delve into Oct. 7 in what he termed “the greatest failure in the history of the state.”

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