VP Harris Signals Policy Shift Towards Israel


US Vice President Kamala Harris has confirmed the US will change its longstanding policy of supporting Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not significantly alter his handling of the Gaza war.

“I was on that call. It was a candid and frank conversation,” Harris told Spectrum News, referring to a recent conversation between her boss and Netanyahu. “We have made clear, and the president has made clear, of course, that we will support and make sure that Israel is never left without an ability to defend itself.”

“At the same time,” she added, “if there are not changes to their approach, it is very likely we’re going to change our approach.”

According to a White House readout of the Thursday call between the world leaders, Biden told Netanyahu that the strikes on the seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen and the overall humanitarian situation in Gaza were “unacceptable” and that an “immediate” cease-fire “is essential.”

Netanyahu was also informed by the president that Israel had to devise “specific, concrete and measurable” measures to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and ensure the security of relief workers operating within the enclave.

The last time Biden and Netanyahu reportedly spoke was two weeks ago to discuss sending a team to Washington to review Israel’s operational plans for Rafah. In the past, Biden has called a full-blown military invasion into Gaza’s southernmost city a “red line.”

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