War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz is calling for new elections as Israel’s war on Hamas enters its seventh month.

“We must agree on a date for elections in September, about a year from the war,” said Gantz in a televised address on Wednesday. “Setting such a date will allow us to continue the military effort while signaling to the citizens of Israel that we will soon renew their trust in us.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been facing pressure domestically in recent weeks. On Saturday, thousands of people calling for new elections converged on the prime minister’s Jerusalem residence. Security barriers were reportedly overrun, and a torch was thrown at a mounted policeman.

Despite his desire to see new elections, Netanyahu’s main political rival condemned the violent protests.

“Unity is the key to our future. We cannot accept violence from any side. We cannot accept people ignoring police instructions and breaking through barriers,” said Gantz.

Channel 12 suggests that Netanyahu’s mishandling of the war is what prompted Gantz to publicly declare his desire for new elections. In the past, Gantz has articulated his vision for the future of Gaza and the broader region. The former IDF Chief of Staff has emphasized the need for a new governance model in Gaza that doesn’t include Hamas but still retains Israeli security control. He reportedly supports a local unaffiliated Arab governance managed by a regional coalition as a solution to the “day after” in Gaza.

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