Watch: Al Gore Honors Joe Lieberman as a ‘Mensch’ in Final Farewell


Former Vice President Al Gore and other notable politicians paid final respects during Friday’s funeral in Connecticut of the late Joe Lieberman.

Noting there is no English equivalent for the Yiddish term “mentsh,” Gore said, “Those who seek its definition will not find it in dictionaries so much as they find it in the way Joe Lieberman lived his life: friendship over anger, reconciliation as a form of grace,”‘ he said. “‘We can learn from Joe Lieberman´s life some critical lessons about how we might heal the rancor in our nation today.”

Gore also praised Lieberman’s strength to bridge the divide following the fallout between himself and his former VP pick following their 2000 presidential election loss.

“So there, the story could have ended. And if it had, we would have reached a dead end in a once loving and fruitful relationship,’ he said.

“But it did not end there. We had another turn. Both of us knew, deep down, that the strong foundation of our friendship and what we shared in common was so much larger and stronger than what was driving us apart in those years.

Senator Richard Blumenthal also recalled Lieberman’s uncanny ability to bridge divides, highlighting his tremendous accomplishments, including championing civil rights, voting rights, and women’s rights.

Lieberman, who died this past week after a fall at his New York home, was the first Jewish candidate on a major party ticket, a longtime senator, and a tremendous friend to Israel and the Jewish people.

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